Our experienced US attorneys will help you

Our experienced US attorneys will help you

By making a qualifying investment in the amount of $500,000.00 - $1,000,000.00

By making a qualifying investment in the amount of $500,000.00 - $1,000,000.00

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Buy Real Estate

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How we are different

Over 15 Years of Experience in Immigration Law

Since 2002 Ms. Krukova has been heading the law firm National Capital Legal Services, Inc. Each member of the law firm is highly trained professional, specializing in a particular area of law. Our reputation was built on positive referrals from our clients.

one of the most recommended immigration attorneys in Washington DC area.

Elizabeth Krukova, Esq.

Elizabeth Krukova has been admitted to practice as an attorney in New York, Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia. Ms. Krukova has over 15 years of experience in immigration, family and business law. Having completed her Juris Doctor degree in Law at the Moscow State Law Academy (Moscow, Russia) Ms. Krukova got her second Masters Degree in Law from Indiana University School of Law in Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

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How we are different

Immigration Law is our primary field of practice

Including wide range of services related to Business Immigration aspect (employment of foreign entrepreneurs and investors in the United States; legal support at each stage of immigration process: from applying for a visa till getting a green card; full package of corporate services for foreign companies in the US).

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National Capital provides

wide range of legal services in the area of business law, including:

  • Immigration
  • Business Organization and Business Development in the U.S.
  • Other Services

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