Residence permit in the USA

A residence permit in the USA (or a green card of the United States) is the goal of many foreign citizens who have already started a business or are just planning to open a business in the United States. Thanks to the activities of foreign entrepreneurs and investors in the United States, new jobs appear, and immigration laws give foreign businessmen the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the United States in a relatively short time. At present, the US financial system needs additional capital injections. This, in turn, opens the way to obtaining a residence permit in the US for foreign investors.

US Visas for Businessmen

US visas for entrepreneurs are divided into several categories depending on what goals a foreign businessman sets for himself when deciding on investing in the US economy. The main US visas for entrepreneurs are a visa for managers (L1) and a visa for investors (E). You need a visa for the head, if you want to personally manage the branch of your company in the US. An investor visa will suit you if your business is connected with international trade, while you are a citizen of a country that has an International Trade Agreement with the United States. If your goal is to invest money and get a residence permit in the US, but not to manage the investment project, then the EB-5 Program for foreign investors is ideally suited for you.

Business visa in the USA

Business visa in the USA is not only a B-1 visa for short-term business trips, but, first of all, a classical working visa H-1B, which allows foreign specialists with higher education to work in the USA. Business visa in the US also gives you the opportunity to get a green card of the United States. Thus, business immigration is the immigration category that will allow you as a foreign entrepreneur, investor or specialist to create business in the US, or make profitable investments, or work for an American company - and simultaneously apply for a US residence permit (green card).