A term “US immigrant visa” is usually used in relation to immigration categories EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3; however, these categories are different by eligibility requirements and by processing time for obtaining permanent residency in the US. Experienced immigration attorney will help you determine what type of US immigrant visa would be the best for you with respect to your goals and personal circumstances.

Green card through business

Green card through business, or green card through employment, is a path to US permanent residency for foreign specialists, foreign investors and business owners. Several immigration categories allow obtaining a green card through business. During the process of getting a green card through business an applicant can either be in the U.S. (on L-1 visa for multinational executives, E visa for foreign investors or on H-1B or L-1B work visa) or outside of the U.S. If an applicant is in the United States, then he/she may apply for adjustment of status to permanent residency without leaving the country. If an Applicant files for green card from a foreign country, then he/she receives a green card upon arrival to the United States on an immigrant visa. This visa shall be approved at the interview in US consulate in the foreign country.

Green card for multinational executives and managers, or EB-1C immigrant visa, is available for executives and managers who have worked for a multinational company abroad in the same or similar capacity and were transferred to the U.S. branch, affiliate or subsidiary of the foreign company. Multinational executive or manager is eligible for green card for executives through EB-1 category if he/she intends to continue to render his/her services to the US affiliate of the foreign company in managerial or executive capacity. U.S. company must be engaged in business operation for at least 1 year. Another requirement is to prove that there is ongoing active business interaction between U.S. and foreign affiliates.

Green card for executives

Green card for executives and highly-qualifies professionals, or EB-2 immigrant visa, has become a true opportunity for many foreign businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals due to recent changes in US immigration legislation. One may now apply for a green card even if one is the owner or a co-founder of a sponsoring company. In another words, foreign businessmen can now kind of “sponsor themselves by themselves”. There is no minimum investment an applicant is required to contribute to his U.S. business.

You may also apply for a green card for executive or professional under EB-2 category through National Interest Waiver (NIW). In order to be eligible for NIW, an applicant must provide sufficient evidence that in his position of multinational executive or highly-qualified professional, he had contributed and will contribute to significant increase of well-being of U.S. society. US Citizenship and Immigration Service has officially recognized that foreign entrepreneurs contribute to US economy development through creation of new jobs and new businesses, and therefore, their activities shall be considered as “in national interests”.

Green card though employer

Green card through employer is a classic EB-3 immigrant visa available for highly qualified foreign professionals. The process of obtaining a green card through employer under EB-3 category may take up to 7 years because it is EB-3 category that most immigrant professionals are qualified for. This category sets eligibility requirements that most applicants meet: a minimum of bachelor’s degree and sponsoring employer in the U.S. who intends to permanently employ a foreign specialist in the position that is related to his/her education.

Family of EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 Immigrant Visa Applicants

Your spouse and unmarried children under 21 may also apply for EB-1, EB-2 or EB-3 Immigrant Visa as your dependants and enter the United States on permanent resident status. If your relatives are already in the United States on H-4 or L-2 status, then they will receive their green cards by mail, without leaving the country. While in the process of obtaining a green card, your family members are also eligible for work authorization.

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