Nowadays the EB-5 Program or the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program has become the most optimal decision for those who possess sufficient capital and are interested in obtaining permanent residency in the United States. The US visa for foreign investors has gained special popularity within recent years, and has become popular among investors from the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.).

The EB-5 visa is an immigrant visa for foreign investors who invest certain amount of capital in investment projects, including real estate, with further return of investment capital after several years. Contribution of capital means investment in those investment projects and in those commercial real estate objects that have been already pre-approved by the US government.

The main terms and conditions for EB-5 Program are as follows:

  • Minimum investment amount is $500,000;
  • You choose an investment object, including an option to invest in commercial real estate;
  • The process of obtaining a green card usually takes 1 year or longer depending on the investment object, geographical region and chosen investment program;
  • All family members (spouses and unmarried children under 21) receive their green cards;
  • Foreign investor is not obligated to supervise investment project directly or to physically present in the US during investment process; and
  • Once the investment term expires, the foreign investor has a right to withdraw his capital from the project and manage funds on his own.

A US investor visa is also suitable for those foreign entrepreneurs who want to own their company in whole or with multiple partners, and manage the company by themselves. The original version of the EB-5 Program was established specifically for this purpose. The investment amount required in this case is $1 mln USD, however, investment capital can be presented not only as monetary funds. For instance, equipment, materials, real estate objects in the US, intellectual property objects, etc, are considered as investment capital. Another advantage of the original EB-5 Program is that the investment process can be extended in time for several years, capital injections can be performed on a need basis while the process of accumulation of funds and business development. A restaurant, a hotel, a commercial real estate, and the export and import of equipment and materials may serve as examples of such an investment option.

There are no restrictions on the type of business one may choose; nevertheless, most of our clients decide on real estate rentals through establishing of Limited Liability Companies and recruitment of staff to maintain this real estate. However, a negative aspect among original EB-5 Program requirements is the requirement to hire 10 full-time employees within the first two years after the foreign investor gets his or her green card.

Our experienced professionals provide business consulting on the choice of investment object in the United States, financial audit of the investment project that you have chosen, and business planning and business analysis of the EB-5 Regional Center that you have chosen. However, our primary goal is not only to ensure profitable investment, but also to ensure that the foreign investor and his or her family get their green cards.