Why ЕВ-5?

The primary goals of EB-5 Program are to attract additional financial resources for the US economy development and to create new jobs. By making a qualifying investment in the amount of $500,000.00 - $1,000,000.00, a foreign investor and his/her family members become eligible for the following benefits:

  • status of US permanent resident (well-known as “green card”) for foreign investor, his/her spouse and any children under the age of 21;
  • freedom to live, work and retire anywhere in the United States;
  • US Citizenship route after 5 years of being a Green Card holder;
  • freedom to travel anywhere within the US and outside of the US;
  • children may attend college/university at US resident costs

Therefore, EB-5 visa is the right decision for those foreign investors and businessmen who are interested in obtaining US green card for them and for their immediate relatives in order to freely travel in and out of the US. Clearly, managing your own business and/or establishing a foreign affiliate of your company in the United States requires ongoing managerial control which means a necessity to travel to the US quite frequently and to stay in the country as long as you need. As a green card holder, you can to do all this.

EB-5 Program provides another important benefit to its participants, - the right to obtain education in the US at affordable cost. It is well-known that tuition in prestigious US universities costs much more for international students than for US citizens and residents. Thus, if you prefer US education for your children, you should definitely consider the EB-5 program as a perfect solution to cut expenses for education at least twice since your children will be attending school or college on general terms as green card holders.

To make a short summary, the EB-5 Program provides numerous advantages as it is a direct route to a green card with other consequent benefits, an investment opportunity and an additional source of income (return on investment).