You and your immediate family members included in your Application for green card as your dependants (your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age) must comply with general requirements to all entering the United States: clear criminal record, no relations to terrorist organizations, no high-risk diseases, etc.

Immigrant investor and accompanying family members must also provide the following documents:

Copies of passport for each member of the family. Passports must be valid for travel to the United States and must have at least 6 months validity beyond the issuance date of the visa;

  • Family certificates: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees for previous marriages (if applicable);
  • Police certificate as evidence that you have not committed violation of law in your country, and all other countries you have ever resided in;
  • A certified copy of any military record;
  • 2 color passport-style pictures.

Obtaining a green card is a complicated legal process that requires your full cooperation with your immigration attorney in the United States. Favorable outcome of your case depends largely on whether you have provided to USCIS extensive documentation evidencing lawful source and clear path of investment funds to Regional Center.

Please be advised that YOU MUST provide extensive documentation as proof of lawful source of investment funds and clear path of the funds from investor’s bank account to Regional Center escrow account!

List of possible documents evidencing lawful source of funds*:

If you receive high level of compensation:

  • Tax returns for the past 5 years;
  • Your resume, letter from your employer;
  • Information about saving accounts or other investments;

If you own a business:

  • Business registration records for all businesses in the U.S. or outside the U.S;
  • Company tax returns and personal tax returns of the investor filed in any jurisdiction for each of the last five years;

If you sold a real estate you owned:

  • Documents evidencing lawful source of funds for purchasing this real estate;

If you received investment capital as a gift:

  • all documents relating to gifts, including registration of gift with tax authorities or other documents;
  • documents evidencing that a donor acquired the assets by lawful means;

If you took a loan to acquire investment funds:

  • all loan documents, including promissory notes or other documents;
  • a loan should be secured by investor’s own assets;

If you inherited investment funds:

  • all documents relating to inheritances you have received, including estate settlement of deceased.

If you acquired investment capital as return on another investment:

  • statements for f all investment or securities accounts for the last three years as proof of payment of dividends; (if significant gains on investments or securities transactions occurred before the last three years, please include documentation of such transactions), stock certificates, etc.
  • Tax Returns as proof that all required taxes on income acquired as return on investment are paid;

If you acquired investment capital as outcome of a lawsuit or through court proceedings:

  • all documents relating to dollars recovered in a civil lawsuit, including official judgment or decree of the court;
  • all documents relating to court proceedings in which you have been involved, whether civil or criminal, and whether as a plaintiff or defendant (include all official court records and legal judgments).

*Experienced immigration attorney will help you to compile a list of financial documents that will be necessary to provide with respect to your personal situation.