Permanent Residency in the U.S.

Besides the EB-5 Program, there are other visa categories available for foreign entrepreneurs, such as E-1, E-2 and L-1. US Citizenship and Immigration Service have recognized these categories as national priority in the light of their importance for the US economy development.

As an E-1, E-2 or L-1 visa holder you can live in the US in order to be personally involved in the management of your business entity in America (as an executive) or to actively participate in investment process (as a foreign investor). You are also eligible to apply for a green card under EB-2 category and to obtain permanent residency within a relatively short period of time.

Taking into consideration the most recent updates in the immigration policies for EB-2 category, this path to American dream is very likely to become as attractive for many foreign businessmen and investors as the EB-5 Program.

Please follow the link to “Immigration News” page for more information about new provisions related to EB-2 category.

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