About National Capital

National Capital Law Firm represents our clients throughout the United States in matters related to immigration law. Immigration law is a federal law and applies equally to all 50 states. Most immigration petitions are mailed. This allows us to successfully represent the interests of clients, regardless of their place of residence or company registration.

Therefore, we have the right to represent you even if you live in another state. With email, FedEx express mail, fax, and telephone, distance has no effect on your representation. On the other hand, if you need personal representation in court or other federal immigration-administrative agencies, we are located in the area where such agencies are located.

In other areas of the law, our attorneys are licensed to practice in Virginia, Maryland, New York, and the District of Columbia. In addition, attorney Elizaveta Krukova is a member of the Court of Appeals for the 3rd, 4th and 9th circuits. Also, she is a member of the federal courts of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, which allows her to represent clients not only in state courts, but also in federal courts, in litigations in which one of the parties is located in the territory of another state, or in cases when the amount of the legal dispute exceeds $75,000, or in respect of claims in which one of the parties is a federal agency.

We specialize in the following areas of law:

  • Immigration law, including family and business immigration, obtaining work visas, obtaining refugee status and representing interests in deportation processes.
  • Family law, including divorce proceedings, the division of property between spouses and the payment of alimony.
  • Commercial law, including company formation, contract drafting and trade matters.
  • Civil law, including consideration of issues arising in the process of renting / renting out living space, filing minor claims in court, breach of contract.
Our team

What makes a good firm great is the people who work for it. We are proud of our highly efficient and experienced team of attorneys, lawyers and assistants. Each employee of the firm is a highly educated specialist in a particular area of ​​law. Our reputation is built on the feedback of our clients, on successfully resolved cases, on won lawsuits.

Elizabeth Krukova
Company founder. Attorney at Law
Alona Dorosh
Senior Immigration and Litigation Specialist
Ekaterina Vakulina
Lead Immigration and Refugee Specialist
Hao Zhou
Business Development Specialist
Sofia Solonari – Ladygina
Senior Immigration Specialist
Elena Rybakova
Labor immigration specialist
Ilona Kosmich
Office Manager
Sossna Demasu
Leading Immigration and Litigation Specialist
Ksenia Poniatovskaya
Legal Assistant

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