Services available in all states

All types of Immigration Services in the USA 
We provide services for all types of immigration to the United States. Our firm has been in existence for over 20 years and the most experienced lawyers and professionals who have dedicated their lives to immigration law will handle your case. We will...
Open a Company in the USA
A person or legal entity can open a company in the USA. This is the first step in development of your business. Open a company in the USA does not mean to start a business from scratch. You can also buy already established business. There are plenty of...
Legal Support for Businesses in the USA
Legal support in the USA is necessary for you and your new business in order to facilitate and simplify the procedure for registering a company, obtaining an executive visa or an investor visa, obtaining a US green card and subsequent legal support for...
Other Types of Legal Services
Organization and development of business in the USA: full corporate services for investors in the USA; development of business plans; registration of enterprises and corporations; legal adviser on all matters of company activity Additional services:...
Buying a ready-made business in the USA
Buying a ready-made business in America is not only an opportunity to do business in the safest and legally guaranteed country and increase your savings, but also a way to get a visa or a green card for the whole family. Current US legislation protects...