Buying a ready-made business in the USA

Buying a ready-made business in America is not only an opportunity to do business in the safest and legally guaranteed country and increase your savings, but also a way to get a visa or a green card for the whole family.

Current US legislation protects the interests of entrepreneurs and is stable compared to all other regions of the world. Our firm has been helping business entrepreneurs identify, verify and buy a business in the United States for decades. Our experience allows us to determine and provide for all the nuances of the purchase.

Business choice

Most often, our clients choose a business with two goals: profit making and obtaining immigration status. Unlike business brokers, we stay with our clients for many years and are simply obliged to make sure that the business meets all the criteria of the immigration service in order to be able to receive an L-1, E-2 visa, or a green card under the category EB-1C or EB -5. For the same reason, we are required to:

  • verify the legitimacy of the business,
  • the necessary permits and licenses,
  • the absence of encumbrances, obligations and problems, not necessarily of a financial nature.

It is for these reasons that the depth of our business due diligence cannot be compared to that of brokers whose obligations end immediately after the transfer of ownership. We minimize your risks in buying exactly the business that will satisfy your goals and objectives in terms of immigration. Our company has existed for more than 20 years, providing such services, and all our clients successfully continue to conduct business acquired with our help.