Legal Support for Businesses in the USA

Legal support in the USA is necessary for you and your new business in order to facilitate and simplify the procedure for registering a company, obtaining an executive visa or an investor visa, obtaining a US green card and subsequent legal support for your business. Of course, the quality of legal services directly depends on the immigration lawyer and the firm that undertakes the legal support of your company in the United States.

Legal support of business is one of the main activities of National Capital Legal Services. We provide a full range of legal services, including advice on choosing the legal form of an enterprise, development of an optimal business taxation scheme, assistance at all stages from obtaining a visa to applying for a green card for foreign businessmen and investors, and other aspects of legal support for foreign companies in USA.

Legal business support as one of the types of services we provide did not happen by accident, but rather developed into an area of practice together with our loyal clients, whose business grew from zero to multi-million turnovers. With this development, the need for services such as business support has grown along with the confidence and trust our clients have given us to participate in decision making on many aspects of their business.

Issues such as the acquisition of new outlets, new branches, the absorption of other businesses, labor aspects of activity, interaction with government agencies, contracts, all of these issues, the companies often do not want to handle without the advice of a corporate lawyer. Therefore, for many years of existence on the market, we have not only advised our corporate clients, together we lead them to success and now proudly watch their growth and success.