Open a Company in the USA

A person or legal entity can open a company in the USA. This is the first step in development of your business. Open a company in the USA does not mean to start a business from scratch. You can also buy already established business. There are plenty of such offers on the USA market. You can buy a restaurant, hotel, commercial real estate. In this case scenario purchasing a business is to make an investment either in a successful business, or to invest in an unprofitable business in order to save it from bankruptcy and save work places. In either case you are eligible to file your documents for the USA green card.

Companies USA representative office

“Companies USA representative office”- form of business opened by established foreign company. In this case a new enterprise can be established not only as a representative office, but also as a branch, a division, a subsidiary or a parent company. The important question here is not what economic term to use, but who owns and controls a representative office in the USA. It can be a foreign person as well as a foreign legal entity. The United States of America is one of the most lucrative countries for doing business in the world. Lots of Russian businessmen are interested in opening a company in the USA as well as establishing a representative office in the USA.

Types of companies in the USA

Types of companies in the USA share lots of similarities with companies’ organizational forms established in Russia and SIC countries. It is essential to choose a legal organizational form – type of company in the USA before starting a business. There are four major types of companies in the USA: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company and corporation. Sole proprietorship is similar to Russian licensed private activity. Partnership is similar to Russian limited liability company. Corporation has lots of advantages compare to all other types of companies in the USA: limited liability, perpetual life, ability to reallocate shares among existing shareholders and ability to accept new shareholders. It is advisable to choose type of business entity so that to limit financial and property liability of owner in sole proprietorship, partner’s liability in partnership, and shareholder’s liability in corporation.

Register a company in the USA

Register a company in the USA is an easy and fast process, especially if you delegate that to the competent immigration attorney. The procedure of registering a company in the USA slightly differs from state to state. The main difference of American corporate law from Russian corporate law is that articles of incorporations in the US are drafted after the registration of the company and they are internal documents. Another difference in registering a company in the USA is that in order to register a company in the USA it is required to obtain a de jure address and find a registered agent. The registered agent will receive all the government correspondence as well as probable lawsuits. Our company offers you a service of “Registered Agent”.

Our experienced team will provide you with a comprehensive legal support in establishing your company in the USA. In addition to that we offer a fixed price contract for a year legal support of your company. Legal support includes the following:

  • Choice of legal entity form;Providing de jure address and service of Registered Agent;
  • Preparation of business documents for registration with the Secretary of State;
  • Company registration at the IRS; Obtaining a Tax ID number;
  • Preparation of protocols of meeting of shareholders, preparation of articles of incorporation along with other company’s internal documents;
  • Preparation of documents for executive manager visa, investor visa and business visa;
  • Preparation of documents for the green through business;
  • Additional services.