EB-1A Visa

Immigration category EB-1A: Foreigners with extraordinary/outstanding abilities

Category EB-1A refers to professionals of the highest qualification and is intended for outstanding, rare professionals in their field of activity. These are foreigners with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or sports who have received significant national and/or international recognition. An employer is not required to apply under this category, but if one already exists and can be specified, this will strengthen the application.

To obtain an EB-1A immigrant visa, the applicant must be the recipient of a prestigious international award or award in science, education, business, arts, or sports. For example, it can be the Nobel Prize, or its analogues in different fields. These can be famous prizes and awards of the world: the Booker Prize in literature, the Abel and Fields Prizes in mathematics, the Turing Award in computer science, the Remarque Peace Prize, the Academy Award in film art, the Grammy Award in music and others.

Eligibility Criteria:

However, this immigrant visa is issued not only to winners of international prizes and awards. An EB-1A applicant may provide USCIS with documentary evidence of outstanding achievement in at least three of the ten criteria described below:

  1. Be the owner of other, less well-known national and/or international prizes or awards for outstanding achievements in the field of their professional activities.
  2. To be a member of organizations or associations that require outstanding achievements, confirmed by the opinion of national and/or international experts in the relevant field.
  3. Submit materials (interviews and/or articles) about yourself and your professional activities, published in major print media and/or on well-known online platforms that are relevant to the applicant’s field of activity, or in other significant media sources.
  4. Serve, individually or as part of a commission/jury, as an expert to evaluate the work of other professional representatives related to the same or related field of the applicant’s specialization.
  5. Prove the applicant’s significant, innovative contribution to science, education, the arts, or business.
  6. Be the author of scientific articles published in major publications related to the applicant’s field of activity, or in other significant media sources.
  7. To play a leading or crucial role in reputable institutions, companies, or organizations.
  8. Confirm receiving of a high salary, or other significant remuneration, in comparison with the average level in the applicant’s field of specialization.
  9. Be commercially successful in the performing arts as evidenced by significant box office and/or sales of cassettes, audio and/or video discs.
  10. Provide evidence of the participation of the applicant’s work in art exhibitions and/or other creative shows/events.

Answers to basic questions about ЕВ-1А visa

How to prove the intention to work for the benefit of the United States?
It is necessary to explain how the applicant's professional activities will benefit the United States. To do this, the foreigner must prepare a statement describing plans and intentions to continue working in their field of activity in the United States and the possible significant benefits of the applicant's future work for the benefit of the United States. The foreign applicant must prove that he intends to come to the United States to continue his professional activities in the field of proven extraordinary abilities and outstanding achievements. To do this, the applicant can provide letters confirming the intention to cooperate from potential business partners or employers, or contracts confirming prior commitments.
What are the latest trends?
In recent years, the US has loosened the standard of proof on the above criteria in order to attract as many talents as possible from other countries, especially in the field of technology and science. Moreover, several bills have been submitted to the US Congress to relax the requirements for prominent personalities, and even though they are only under consideration, this is already affecting the standards for considering these petitions.

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