L-1B Visa

L1- B Visas Intracompany Transferee Visa

Just like L-1A, L-1B visas are available only to those temporary workers who have worked for the duration of at least one year for the foreign subsidiary or daughter company of the US company. L-1B, however, are available for those employees who have specialized knowledge of that particular company. 

L-1B applicant has to prove that he/she possesses unique knowledge about the company, its operations or product. The ground for US company to apply for such visa is that it cannot find a worker with that unique knowledge on the US job market.  The law allows larger size companies to file “blanket” petitions covering an entire group of such employees with no name, where the names shall be identified later.


Answers to basic questions about L-1B visa

What are the main eligibility requirements for an L-1B visa?
L-1B visa petitions are filed by employers wishing to obtain work visas for their qualified employees so they would be allowed to work and live in the United States. The L-1B applies to aliens who work for a company with a parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate in the U.S. These workers come to the U.S. as intracompany transferees coming temporarily to perform services using their unique knowledge. Compensation level is not prescribed by the law, but it must be sufficient to prevent the alien from becoming a public charge. The L-1B enables the U.S. employer to transfer an employee, who has a specialized knowledge relating to the company’s work from one of its foreign offices to one of its offices in the United States. This type of visa also allows the foreign company which does not yet have a U.S. office to send a specialized knowledge employee to the United States to help establish a new office in the US. In this case, the new employee has to have at least one year of leadership position in the three years preceding the filing of the petition.

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